Best of 2018 – Sydney Wedding Photographer


What an amazing year it was. It’s so great to be able to sit down and go through all the stunning images we had taken, all the amazing stories we captured on our cameras. Weddings, family gatherings, love stories they are all here at our finger tips, preserved in pictures forever. All the laughs, all the kisses, all the happy tears and hugs. As always, we are staying true to capturing it all as it is, raw, natural and candid. We are so grateful for every moment of this amazing journey. Thank you 2018 for all the wonderful people we had the pleasure to meet,
all the incredible places we got to visit and all the amazing celebration we were so lucky to be a part of. The bar is high for 2019, but we already know that it’s shaping up pretty great. We are so looking forward to the new adventures that awaits us just around the corner. As usual, we are better at narrating in pictures than in words. So here are a few of the best wedding photographs to say thank you and goodby to 2018 and to welcome the New Year.