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Couple’s Photo Shoot Balmain, Sydney

Perfect location at a perfect time (sunset!) with a perfect couple! This is the best way to describe this photo shoot (Balmain) with Anny & Yury.

Anny is a wonderful photographer herself and we were absolutely stocked when she asked us to do a couples shoot for her and Yury.

Who new this Brazilian beauty loves borsch & dumplings her Russian man makes for her.

They worked together, they traveled together and now they are ready to say their I do’s and spend their lives together.

This session was recently featured by Polka Dot Weddings

How did you meet?

“We worked at the same company for some time and also used to go to the same gym. One time I invited Anny to go for a drink after the gym. That was our first date.”

“On our first date Anny did not know it was a date. She thought it was a casual drink with a colleague. Till this day we argue which the first date was actually the first.”

Thought it wasn’t an engagement session, us we got together with the Anny and Yury for this shoot before he popped the question. Now they are happily engaged and are waiting for the borders to open, so they families could join them to celebrate the wedding.

Tell us about the proposal?

“Anny is the kindest person I know. When we are together it seems the problems just go away. I love how thoughtful she is and to top it all off, the coffee she brews for me is amazing.”

“I took Anny for a casual picnic to a place of our second (or first depends who you ask) date and asked the question. I had to make it super-smooth and put a ring on her finger quickly because I managed to break the ring box just before.”

Photo shoot at Balmain, enjoy!

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