How to create your wedding run-sheet

How to create your wedding run-sheet

As a guideline, two months before the wedding, we will send you a questionnaire to get details about your wedding vendors and to give you a sense of how a wedding run-sheet usually looks. But, you don’t have to follow the rules. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in your own special way, we are happy to help you with it.

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Most of the time, 8-10 hours is enough time for the full wedding day photo coverage

– This will cover the last moments of getting ready for both of you. Which will take about 30-40 minutes or up to one hour for each of you. Don’t forget to take into account travelling time between locations and to your wedding ceremony.

– For the ceremony, we will arrive early to capture all the beautiful details before guests arrive.

– Then, it’s time to wow your guests with how beautiful you are on your wedding day, to say vows and “I dos” and to have the first kiss.

– After the ceremony, leave time for guests to congratulate you, to take a sip of champagne and to do group shoots.

– Now it’s time for the guests to rest before the reception: chatting, playing games or enjoying cocktail hour. Meanwhile, we will take pictures with your bridal party and then with only the two of you. Most couples decide to allow 1-1.5 hours for photographs, which includes travel time between venues and locations.

– We would like to stay for all the formalities during the reception and to capture on camera all your crazy dance moves, but it’s totally up to what package you decide to go with and how long you choose for us to stay.

These are general recommendations, though. Every wedding is different and unique in its own way.

If you have any special traditions involved in your day or if you want us to capture some especially important moments or details, just let us know.

Handy tips:

  • Don’t leave any preparation tasks outstanding: make sure you have a nice rest before the big day.
  • Go easy in the morning. Your wedding will be a big day and a long one as well. Even if you didn’t plan, but woke up earlier, hit snooze, or take a relaxing bath. Be sure to get enough rest.
  • If your ceremony is taking place later in the afternoon, make sure you have time be lunch to get the energy to celebrate all day and dance all night long! Have some snacks and drinks for your wedding photo shoot after the ceremony, as it’s still a long time till the reception dinner.
  • Make your wedding stress free. Don’t try to fit in too many activities, or visit lots of locations. The easier it goes the more time and energy you have to have fun and dance.
  • If you feel like you won’t able to control your emotions before the ceremony, maybe it’s the right option for you to have a first look, when you can see each other before the ceremony. Walking down the aisle with your best friend and partner for life is a very thrilling experience that you could choose to have on your wedding.
  • Plan the schedule of the reception with your MC and the venue coordinator. We also want to know when the key events are happening (speeches, cake cut, etc.). As we don’t want to miss them while taking pictures with you outside. Also, as a recommendation, remind your caterer to serve meals for your wedding photography and videography crew at the same time that you are having a meal. So, we won’t miss out on your first dance or a speech from your dad.