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Do You Need a Wedding Album?

Wedding albums and prints are the perfect keepsake from your wedding.

How often are you asking your friends to sit in front of a computer monitor and look at hundreds of pictures? How many of coffee table books do you have to proudly display and go though ones in a while? How nice would it be to proudly display your wedding book instead?!

You had a great time planning your Big Day. You had a great party. And now you have lots of great photo memories, preserved in amazing images that you stellar photographer(s) took on the day.

The digital era gave us a great advantage to store all the images from your wedding day on one device. It’s so convenient to have an online gallery to share with all the nearest and dearest. Those pictures deserve to be seen and passed onto the next generation.

But isn’t it the best to hold in your hands a picture from your grandparents wedding and listen to the story how they met. It’s something magical when you have a physical print that brings joy to you and could be passed alone.

Our art prints and wedding albums are locally made. We are sucker for searching for the best for our clients, and supporting local businesses. This is why we offer to print your wedding pictures and we chose to partner with a local Australian print lab. And the great part is it’s all hustle free for you. We had a print store in the gallery you receive after the wedding. You can see how the prints and frames are going to look like before yo order them.

If you chose to reward yourself with a wedding album, we got you covered. You will pick the photos you want to see there and get to approve everything before it goes to print.

Here is a little post about our wedding book options.

Even if your wedding wasn’t photographed by us, we are happy to help you to print your wedding albums. Just send us a line.

More details on the wedding albums we offer.

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