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Easy guide to Best Family Portraits on the Wedding Day

Family Portraits – Fun and Easy

Family Portraits
Family Photo from Jen and Matt’s wedding at Ooralba Estate, Kangaroo Valley.

When, where and how get the best of the family portraits on the wedding day.

Do you need them?

Even if you are after a very relaxed time and more candid photos in journalistic style. It is important to spend 15-20 minutes to take a few formal pics with the nearest and dearest.

When else you will be all together in one place? Plus, for your family and friends this formal portraits will be the most cherished pictures from your wedding celebration.

Family Portraits

So when? The best time would be straight after the ceremony, after everyone congratulated you. The whole group is there and the wasn’t a lot of drinks served yet.

Would be a good idea to ask your celebrate to let everyone know when and where the family pics are happening.

Family Portrait

Where? If you have a perfect spot in mind, for example in front of the wedding arbor, let your photographer know. Otherwise leave it to him/her to check the light on the day and show you the perfect spot.

But keep in mind, light is always the key for great photos. Plus, if it’s a hot day you would definitely want to be in a shadow.

Family Portrait Wedding

Who? Make a list of combinations of people you want to capture. You won’t have time to think about it on the day. So, make time to sit down and discuss it together. It’s better to give the list to a person who knows your guests, but send a copy to your photographer as well.

Your photographer doesn’t not know the guests and he will need a helper on the day. However, it’s best to notify him if there is someone who doesn’t want to be in a picture together. Yes it happens. Also important to mention some absolutely must have shots.

Family Portrait Wedding

Missed someone or didn’t have time during the day?

Taking a few family pics at the reception is still an option. A flash light might be a bit challenging,

but it’s a great chance to capture happy relaxed faces with a glass of bubbles.

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