Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot – Relaxed Way to Practice your Wedding Photos

A little example of a wonderful pre-wedding photo shoot we had with Alex and Lucy and their fur baby Ringo.

We started at the couples house to capture the way the live before it’s all changed. Before the Big Day, before their family got bigger. Just the three of them. Then we went to see the sights and have a little walk in a garden. And the magic happened. Guys felt relaxed, we had a few laughs and we managed to capture the real crazy magic between these two.

Needless to say that on the wedding day we had the best time. Relaxed, fun and full of joy. The pre-wedding photo shoot did it’s purpose perfectly. We were like old mates who came to celebrate with the couple and take ‘a few’ snaps (quite a few :).

You can find Lucy and Alex’s wedding day here.

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