Australian Botanical Garden’s Wedding – Small Wedding Done Right

Australian Botanical Garden’s Wedding

It’s not only an Australian Botanical Garden’s Wedding it’s also a roof top wedding and Socvun & Daphne did it the right way.

Covid change our lives beyond imagined, but it couldn’t change love and our passion to celebrate it. As soon as restrictions had been eased off Socvun & Daphne planed their perfect small celebration and did it perfectly.

Ceremony – the rooftop of the building they live in has amazing gardens and views on the city – what a wonderful spot. Friends and family helped with the decorations. No travel involved. One more bonus, getting ready at their own place, together. With the wedding nerves it’s a wonderful solution to start the day in such familiar settings.

There was no rush after the intimate ceremony. After the group photos were done and dusted, the celebration continued with all the fun stuff. Bouquet through, cake cutting and champagne – already a perfect day. But the couple didn’t stop there.

Socvun & Daphne chose the perfect spot for their wedding photos and the perfect time. Planning a small wedding doesn’t mean to compromise on having stunning wedding photographs. It’s quite the opposite, you have time to go to a picture perfect place at the most advantageous time. Two hours before sunset is our jam 😉

The Australian Botanical Garden as a wedding photo location is spectacular. No more words, just have a look for yourself and let us know if you would want to get hitched there.

One more thing that Socvun & Daphne did is to order a wedding album. Their wedding pictures certainly deserve to be showed off, and having them printed out all together in a beautiful book is the way to go. It’s so enjoyable to be able to bring your wedding album to work, to show your colleagues, or have friends over and re-live all the magical moments of your Big Day looking though pages.

More about our wedding albums here.

Hope you enjoyed this Australian Botanical Garden’s wedding

Do You Need a Wedding Album?

Wedding albums and prints are the perfect keepsake from your wedding.

How often are you asking your friends to seat in front of a computer monitor and look at hundreds of pictures? How many of journal table books do you have to proudly display and go though ones in a while. How nice would it be to proudly display your wedding book instead.

You had a great time planning your Big Day. You had a great party. And now all that’s left is great memories. Preserved in amazing images that you stellar photographer(s) took on the day. We wrote a little advice on how to pic an amazing one here.

The digital era gave us a great advantage to store all the images from your wedding day on one device. It’s so convenient to have an online gallery to share with all the nearest and dearest. Those pictures deserved to be seen and passed to the next generation.

But isn’t it the best to hold in your hands a picture from your grandparents wedding and listen to the story how they met. It’s something magical when you have a physical print that brings joy to you and could be passed alone.

We are sucker for searching for the best for our clients, and supporting local businesses.

This is why we offer to print your wedding pictures and we chose to partner with a local Australian print lab. And the great part is it’s all hustle free for you. We had a print store in the gallery you receive after the wedding. You can see how the prints and frames are going to look like before yo order them.

If you chose to reward yourself with a wedding album, we got you covered. You will pick the photos you want to see there and will get to approve everything before it goes to print.

Here is a little post about our wedding books options.

Even if your wedding wasn’t photographed by us, we are happy to help you to print your wedding albums. Just send us a line.

Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Wedding Album

More details on the wedding albums we offer.

12 Simple Ways to Entertain Guests at a Wedding

Here is a list of simple, but effective ways to entertain guests at a wedding day.

1. Have Wedding Day Schedule on Display. Let everyone know that you planned a canapé and games, or something special for the guests.

2. Eco Friendly Confetti. Your nearest and dearest want to be part of the celebration and want to show you how they happy for you. Prepare rose petals or eco friendly confetti to toss when they cheer the newly weds.

3. Canapé / Donut Bar / Ice-cream Bar. All three are a great idea, would be nice to have a cocktail bar as well. Booth always a good way to entertain guests at your wedding day. Ice-cream is especially good choice for a summer wedding. A little taste of celebration for the guest and entertainment while you are at the photo shoot.

4. Lawn Games. Little something for your guests to do while you are away for the photo shoot. They are a big hit especially with kids.

5. Photo Booth / Instant Cameras / Polaroid Photo Wall. A little keepsake for you and for the guests that they will sure keep for a long time. If you want for everyone to share they photos it would be great to have a special hashtag.

6. Guest Book. A little book to collect all the pics from the Photo Booth, or for your guest to leave nice little notes for you and say how much they loved to be a part of your wedding day.

7. Candy Bar. All your favourite sweets to share with everyone. Have a little paper bugs for those who wants to take a few candies to go. Also it would be great to have special made cookies or chocolates with your initials. They will be a great hit for sure. Here are a few more ways to personalise your wedding.

8. Live Music. Great live band or dj makes a difference and a great way to entertain guests at your wedding day. They set the vibe for the dance floor, and can light up a crazy party. We have a few recommendations for you here.

The White Tree

We Play Records

Chad Croker

Jack Rose Music

Baker Boy Band

9. Dancing Shoes

What a great touch for those who wants to dance the night away. People wear their finest for your celebration. Having dancing flats would be a thoughtful touch.

Covid-19 Update!

At the moment it’s ‘no singing in doors no dancing policy’. But lets it not ruining the fun and find a way around it.It’s getting warmer and an outdoor band or a small guitarist and singer team like Rosie & James could bring that special charm to your ceremony and stay as a DJ for the reception.

– No dancing – Let’s play charades with guests, or wedding Bingo, or let’s solve a giant crossword puzzle with question about the happy couple.

– Or Let’s auction some interesting wedding related items with the proceeds going to the honeymoon fund. Everyone is involved boozy and happy!

– One of this suggestions or all of them could be a great addition to the wedding reception and make your wedding celebration fun and memorable.

And remember, the Covid-19 restrictions have affected us all. Wedding industry suppliers and services are trying their best to adjust. If you struggle to envision your wedding day with the ‘new normal’ get in touch with your chosen supplier. They will be happy to help, offer their advice and guidance. Our priority is get you married and for you to have the best day possible celebrating your love.

10. Confetti / Sparkler entrance or send-off. To end the great night on the great note or to start the reception with a big cheer. Confetti is a great alternative to sparkles with the total fire ban. Plus you don’t have to wait till it’s dark.

Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding
Entertain Guests at your Wedding

10 + Easy Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

Wedding celebration is about the two of you and here is a list of ideas how to personalise your wedding.

There are so many places to look at for wedding inspiration: Pinterest, wedding blog and magazines. But how to implement all those amazing ideas and make your wedding yours? Here’re some of the easy ways to do it.

  1. Unique wedding invitations and Wedding Signs. A custom illustrated ones that no one has or a card with a picture of two of you. Any of the two options could be a winner. Moreover, your guest more likely to keep it as a keepsake or even frame it and display at they house. What a great way to personalise your wedding before it even started.
  2. Choose a place that represents the two of you. Love wine and cheese? You best chose is a winery and a cheesecake or cake made of cheese instead of a regular wedding cake. Everyone will scream – it’s so you guys 🙂 Lovers of art -a local art gallery could be the perfect spot. Hike much – Blue Mountains venues are there for you. You got the concept 😉
  3. Same goes for your first dance song. It doesn’t have to be a slow dance or song about love. The song have to mean something special for you both, it will help to make your wedding day extra special and memorable.
  4. Having a photo booth? Ask them if they can print your names and date one the photographs. This way all your guest will have a photo that they want to keep and remember your wedding anniversary date.
  5. Think about the wedding cake figures to personalise your wedding. They can totally look like you or showcase your hobby or passion, like the one from Lauren and Daniel’s wedding from a photo below with lego figurines.
  6. Design your wedding rings. We know a couple who designed their wedding rings made with a meteorite. True story. They had their proposal under open sky on a night with meteorite rain. the proposal gift was a meteorite that made it to their wedding rings. How amazing is that.
  7. Hangers with names for the bride, groom and the bridal party. Little details matter. Small personal gift with a practical use. Plus, you will have good looking matching hangers for the photographs at the getting ready.
  8. Personal photos and a table dedicated to your family history. Display photos of your grandparents and parents taken on their wedding days and a bit of history to showcase who came before you and made it all possible.
  9. Also a wedding program featuring a photo of two of you from a pre-wedding photoshoot is a great keepsake for your guest.
  10. Wedding hashtag is a great idea to be able look all the wedding snaps in one place. Even if you decide to go with an unplugged ceremony, there is plenty to share from the party after. 
  11. Planning to keep your stunning wedding dress forever and pass it along to your children? Why not make a little embroidery of your wedding date on the inside, or on your wedding shoes. Such a unique touch.
  12. Writing your own wows is great, but we’re not all the best righters. Talk to your celebrant about the ceremony speech to personalise your wedding. It would be nice to add a bit of history how you guys met and fall in love. It will make your ceremony unique to you.
  13. Wedding reception decorations have plenty opportunity as well. Make a table with your favourite drinks or cocktails. Create a seating plan, but instead of table numbers use location of your travels and display photos. Personalise your venue and favours for your guests, that could be a custom made cookies with your names or initials. The possibilities are endless. Fell free to get creative.

Here are a few photo inspiration do give you a few examples how to personalise your wedding.

Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding
Personalise Your Wedding

Brows our wedding Galleries for for awesome inso – Daniel & Leah’s wedding is a must to see.

How to Get the Most of Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot is also known as an engagement session or couples shoot.

It’s the best way to get to know your wedding photographer(s) before the Big Day. It’s great to get familiar with the process and get experience to be in front of the camera. If you consider yourself a camera shy person, it’s probably the best for to have a practice run. You will see how we work and how important to us to make you feel relax.

The other advantage is that these photos are ideal to use on a save-the-date card, accompanying your wedding announcement on social media, or to illustrate your wedding website.

You don’t have to worry about poses, knowing your ‘better side’ or bringing spare clothing. We will keep it simple and enjoyable and will guide you through the process on the shoot. All you have to do is turn up.

Introduce us to your environment

We always advise you to chose a place for your pre-wedding photo shoot that means something to you two, or where you love to spend time together. Or any place with a great view you always wanted to go to, but never had a reason. We can start at your home, to capture the way you live at this moment in time as an about-to-be-married couple. From there, we can go to your local park or a cafe to catch the last warm sunlight of the day.

Another good option is to try something different from your wedding location. For example, if you are planning to have an outdoor beach-style wedding, lets go explore the city for your pre-wedding session. This way, you will have diversity in your pre-wedding photo shoot and wedding sessions.

Also, if you have an access to a unique location (a hidden waterfall, a rooftop in Newtown, a secret garden in Northern beaches or an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria) it would be great to go there to explore the site and create something truly unique together.

Trial for your hair and make up artist

If you booked your hair and make up artist(s), the pre-wedding photo session is the best time to do a trial! We can choose a date for the shoot that works for you and your hair/make up artist. You will see if this person is the right fit for you and how their work looks in photographs.

If you haven’t chosen your hair and make up professional yet, we have a list of vendors on our website that we recommend having a look at.

Make the best of the sunlight

The golden hour about 1-1/2 hours before sunset is the best for natural lifestyle photography. Even if on the day it’s going to be overcast, a few hours before sunset is when the light is usually even and soft.

Feel beautiful, be yourself

A pre-wedding photo shoot doesn’t require you to shop for a new outfit. The most important things is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in what you wear.

We advise you to go with smart casual, a bit fancier then your everyday look, but not by much. If you choose to go a bit more formal, make sure that you both follow the same style. Complement each other. Try to avoid head-to-toe black or white clothing. If you are worried about colour, pick a neutral and a few coordinating colour tones you both like and stick to those hues.

We don’t shoot in the same spots every time or have a list of poses. We want to capture your natural selves in the most comfortable way. So, please, don’t put pressure on yourselves and overthink this experience.

Not convinced yet, here is an example of a pre-wedding shoot and here are another post. Pre-wedding Photo Shoot – Yay or Nay!

Pre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootpre-wedding photo shootLocation – NGA

Wedding Blog Feature – Urban Wedding

Elizabeth & Stephen’s Urban Wedding

Featured – Polka Dot Bride

Another wonderful example of a small, but amazing urban wedding celebration. This time in the heart of the Australian Capital.

Here is a little Q&A that the couple provided for the feature on Polka Dot Bride.

Our wedding was on the 22nd of February 2020 it was also my 30th Birthday which made our day extra special and meant wen needed plenty of wine, luckily our venue was Parlour Wine Room.  

What is your proposal story? Stephen really went all out, I was living in Sydney at the time and he organised a sailing boat to pick us up (I thought we were just doing a lesson), we ended up spending the night on the yacht anchored in a bay next to Taronga Zoo and he got down on one knee and the rest is history. 

Tell us about Bride’s and Groom’s attire? I knew I didn’t want anything big or fancy and it happened to be the first dress I tried on what luck!  

Stephen got most of his outfit from Industrie in Melbourne, we both wanted a relaxed vibe and to be comfortable on our big day. I do admit I had to triple check it wasn’t too relaxed and made some last-minute tweaks with the suspenders and bow tie, Stephen picked his shoes though and WOW… those shoes made the outfit!

Tell us about the venue choice? We chose Parlour Wine Bar because of the location and the intimacy of the venue, we only had 60 guests, so we really wanted a space that had a garden and a bar all in one. Parlour is also styled amazingly already which meant our job to decorate was a lot easier, the beautiful timer bar inside, velvet couches and a stunning outdoor garden. 

Tell us about your ceremony. Stephen and I really wanted a quick garden Ceremony that was very relaxed and light hearted, our close family friend was our celebrant and really made sure it was personal, Stephen and I both thanked our family’s and I even got a happy birthday sung to me during the ceremony.   

Did you DIY any details? Most of our wedding décor were DYI, we made our welcome wedding sign frame out of old fence palings and my mum made the stunning birdcages which hung on sheppard’s hooks to form the aisle we walked down.

What was your favourite detail of your day? We decided to do our photos before the ceremony, this meant we did a private first greet, Stephen waited for me near a perfectly picked out spot by our photographer’s and had an intimate first look. This was so special I laughed and cried at the same time. 

Anton and Raya were without a doubt amazing, every photo is stunning and captures us, our bridal party, family and friends perfectly. Stephen and I were in great hands and I’m so incredibly thankful to them both. 

Tell us about your first dance? Our first dance was very unchoreographed to UB40 – Bring Me Your Cup a song that we have always loved, luckily, we had liquid courage by this time and provided plenty of laughs to our family and friends.

What was your favorite part of wedding planning? All of it really, I found planning a small wedding enjoyable. 

Any advice for future marrieds to be? Have the wedding you want and don’t settle for anything less it’s you day and enjoy every moment it goes quickly! 

Here are a few wedding vendors involved into creating this amazing urban wedding:

Photo: Across the Forest, Bride’s Dress: Brides of Sydney, Celebrant: Life Ceremonies by Lesley, Makeup / Hair: YFL Studios, Wedding Cake: Reem Nikro (Deliciously Reem), Music: Rob Jarrah

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot: Yay or Nay?

Pre-wedding photo shoot also called engagement session or couples shoot.

So let’s get to it! You are on a wedding photographer website. So the answer to the question Pre-wedding Photo Shoot: Yay or Nay? is pretty obvious. Of course it’s YAY! Here are the reasons why:

  • Get the experience to be in front of a camera. It will be easier on your wedding day. You will stress less about photographs, since you already familiar with the process and know what to expect.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Sydney

  • Get to know your photographer(s). They will spend your wedding day with you, so it’s a good idea to get to know them a bit better. Again, less stress when you see all familiar faces on the big day. You can relax and trust the professional behind the camera.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Sydney

  • Get hair and make up trial. You will see how the professional makeup looks in pictures and advise your makeup artist if you want to add any adjustments for the wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Sydney

See Jen & Matt’s wedding day here

  • Use profesh pictures of you two for your wedding invitations. One of the best ways to have unique invitations, no one else have.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot SydneyPre Wedding Photoshoot Sydney

  • Use your pictures at the wedding reception to decorate wishing well table or for your guest book.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Sydney

Here is an example of a pre-wedding shoot we did with Lucy and Alex. You will find a bit more explanation how it works and how to get ready for it.

Trendy Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas

A few thoughts to guide you and give you a few bridesmaids dresses ideas.  

Let’s talk about bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suit ideas.

It’s Personal

This year trend is to go less matchy-matchy and towards showcasing your friends personalities.

Mates and Their Suits

When you look at wedding photos, it’s easy to spot the bride. But, sometimes, it’s not that easy to figure out who is the groom, looking at a row of handsome mates in suits.

So, when choosing groom and groomsmen’s attire think how your man will stand out. Different colour tie, or shirt will work. Go jacket free for groomsmen if you’re having a more relaxed celebration.


With bridesmaids / brides-men 2020-21 brings even more freedom. Set on a colour and texture and let your friends chose a style and silhouette that better works for them. Same goes with the shoes. 

This year colour trends are classic black or white, rose gold, any shades of red or yellow. Going multi colour is also in fashion. Texture is important too. Velvet is on the rise along with the always in style lace.

White for bridesmaids? Oh yes. Don’t be afraid, it’s not possible to outshine a bride. But it could be a great look for a summer wedding.

Here are a few examples.

Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas
Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas

5 Sydney wedding florist to follow on Instagram

A List of Sydney based Wedding Florists to follow on Insta.

Best way to find your wedding inspiration idea is to follow real local wedding vendors on social media. So here is a list of 5 amazing Sydney wedding florist who we worked with and so happy to recommend to hire or just stock on insta.

1. Poco Uno Creative – @pocounocreative

These guys had to make the list of the wonderful Sydney wedding florists. Light and airy floral arrangements, classy or a bit of free form – they do it all. Absolutely in love with their wedding arbors.

Wedding Florist Sydney

2. Ellebore – @_ellebore

We had a great time working with Maddy from Ellebore on a styled shot. She stole our hearts with her stunning combinations of dried florals and opened king roses. Her histogram account is a must see for some wedding bouquet inspiration.

5 sydney wedding florists on instagram5 sydney wedding florists on instagram

3. Gathered Floral – @gathered_floral

Planning a romantic elegant wedding? Look no further. Katherine is the one. Her instagram is a filled with soft, garden inspired florals. Bouquets, table arrangement, arbors – her work is divine.

5 sydney wedding florists on instagram

4. Petal Met Sugar – @petalmetsugar

A bit more just amazing floral compositions, they also do yummy deserts and wedding cakes. Lots of colour and amazing combination on flowers in bouquets. They recently opened a shop at the Rocks, so you have an option to taste all the sugary delights you see on they instagram

5 sydney wedding florists on instagram

5. My Little Peony –@mylittlepeonyau

We saved the best for last. They do it all – Design, Plan + Style: Caravan Bar + Drink Stations, Florals + Styling, Furniture, Prop Hire + Lights, Signage, Cakes, Desserts & Grazing Tables.
They instagram snaps are filled with colour and happy wedding vibes.

5 sydney wedding florists on instagram

More photographs from this stunning shoot can be found here

Easy guide to Best Family Portraits on the Wedding Day

Family Portraits – Fun and Easy

Ooralba Estate family Portraits

When, where and how get the best of the family portraits on the wedding day.

Do you need them?

Even if you are after a very relaxed time and more candid photos in journalistic style. It is important to spend 15-20 minutes to take a few formal pics with the nearest and dearest. When else you will be all together in one place? Plus, for your family and friends this formal portraits will be the most cherished pictures from your wedding celebration.

So when? The best time would be straight after the ceremony, after everyone congratulated you. The whole group is there and the wasn’t a lot of drinks served yet. Would be a good idea to ask your celebrate to let everyone know when and where the family pics are happening.

Where? If you have a perfect spot in mind, for example in front of the wedding arbor, let your photographer know. Otherwise leave it to him/her to check the light on the day and show you the perfect spot.

But keep in mind, light is always the key for great photos. Plus, if it’s a hot day you would definitely want to be in a shadow.

Who? Make a list of combinations of people you want to capture. You won’t have time to think about it on the day. So, make time to sit down and discuss it together. It’s better to give the list to a person who knows your guests, but send a copy to your photographer as well. Your photographer doesn’t not know the guests and he will need a helper on the day. However, it’s best to notify him if there is someone who doesn’t want to be in a picture together. Yes it happens. Also important to mention some absolutely must have shots.

Missed someone or didn’t have time during the day?

Taking a few family pics at the reception is still an option. A flash light might be a bit challenging, but it’s a great chance to capture happy relaxed faces with a glass of bubbles.

Photo from Jen and Matt’s wedding at Ooralba Estate, Kangaroo Valley.

Absolutely Amazing Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Alex and Lucy

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot – Relaxed Way to Practice your Wedding Photos

A little example of a wonderful pre-wedding photo shoot we had with Alex and Lucy and their fur baby Ringo.

We started at the couples house to capture the way the live before it’s all changed. Before the Big Day, before their family got bigger. Just the three of them. Then we went to see the sights and have a little walk in a garden. And the magic happened. Guys felt relaxed, we had a few laughs and we managed to capture the real crazy magic between these two.

Needless to say that on the wedding day we had the best time. Relaxed, fun and full of joy. The pre-wedding photo shoot did it’s purpose perfectly. We were like old mates who came to celebrate with the couple and take ‘a few’ snaps (quite a few :).

You can find Lucy and Alex’s wedding day here.

Invitation – Artforme