Now, after all the greetings, kisses and dances you have a hold of your wedding photographs, beautiful recorded memories of all the joy and happy moments from your wedding day!


Here are a few tips from us on how to keep them safe, share with your family and friends and preserve them for generations to come.

First, you will receive a password-protected link to your wedding gallery. Share the password and the link with anyone you wish. All the photographs can be downloaded from there, or ordered as thank-you cards, prints and canvases.

Then, a handcrafted wooden box arrives with a usb stick and all the pictures from the wedding day on it. It’s a safe device, but it won’t last forever, so, don’t forget to make a back-up.

Your wedding album is the best way to showcase photographs from the big day. Hold it in your hands, feel the pages that bring back all the cherished memories. It’s a perfect memento and a great gift idea for your parents.

Prints or digitals? We say both! While keeping the digitals safe on separate devices, you most likely will be showing off your stunning wedding book to your guests. Your favourite moments are going to be the perfect decoration of your home. A big canvas on the wall, or a few smaller art prints that will last forever and your future children will cherish as a keepsake and pass to their kids as a true family treasure.