Pearl Button Bridal Wedding Veil Collection

We recently had an amazing collaboration with Pearl Button Bridal, shooting their latest wedding veil collection.
The veils are handmade from luxury materials, including silk tulle, and feature bold elegance. Who wouldn’t want to add a piece like that to their bridal look? They could be a perfect addition or a statement piece in your wedding look.
When we arrived at the photo shoot location, we thought we would be using a cozy little hotel as a backdrop. However, it turned out that the day was all about the light. The veils were simply stunning against the natural light, and we were able to capture some truly beautiful photos.
By the way, these veils are made entirely of eco-friendly materials. They are exclusively made from silk tulle, which is a plastic-free fabric.
We are so excited to share these wedding veil collection. If you are looking for a veil that is both elegant and sustainable, then Pearl Button Bridal is the perfect choice for you.

Wedding Veil Collection

Wedding Veil Collection

You can find all the details about this new wedding veil collection on Pearl Button Bridal website.

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