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Wedding Photographer Across the Forest Stars

Hi there,
Nice to meet you!

We've been shooting weddings for about 14 years now.

And we love everything about it: the love, the laughs, the tears, the cake!

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Let’s make you and the magic between you shine


We are all about real stuff

Real stuff and what matters to you! No frozen posses, only real emotions and feelings.

We will guide you to help you get the best of the day and your wedding photo sesh. 

Above all we care for you to have a damn great time!

This is us

Anton Kross is a professional Sydney wedding photographer, who takes candid beautiful pictures of amazing couples.

Raya is a watercolour artist, who creates one-of-a-kind illustrations (Raisa Kross Illustrations). Also she’s Across the Forest’s editor and admin.

A few years ago we decided to escape from cold and dark Russian winters and ended up here on the stunning Australian shore, and we love it!

Tasmania Wedding Photographer

Photo by Jon Gazzignato

Sounds like we are a great fit, right!

So get in touch and let’s create something awesome together!

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