Elopement Photography Packages start from $2,000

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Please get in touch and let me know what your plans are. Whether we are going on top of a mountain with just the two of you or having a chilled evening with just a small number of nearest and dearest I am all for it.

Love Notes

On the day of the elopement, he created such a relaxed and fun atmosphere that my partner and I felt 100% comfortable (which doesn’t ever happen once we are put in front of the camera!).

We didn’t really take into full consideration how important the vibe from the photographer would be, until we realised that Anton really contributed to making the day so special! These two have a very unique talent and would recommend in a heartbeat!

"The photos he took were incredible, and we loved the diversity of shots. From dramatic lighting to capturing those intimate shots that reflected the day perfectly. "

Share the happiest day of your lives

The best way to share the love and all the happiness that we know of is to capture its true beauty in photographs. It’s a wedding photographers website after all, what else would you expect.

Your family and friends know you and love you just the way you are (oh, Bridget). Many of them could expect for you to elope, rather than having a big wedding. Right.

To make this happen I will create a private online photo gallery for you. Please share it with whomever you like. If you want you can hide some pics that you would like to be private, just for your eyes kinda thing. But the rest of the happy moments are for your loved ones to enjoy all the love that bursting from the snaps. 

However, it’s not the best part of it yet. You will get a sneak peek via said gallery within 48 hours of your celebration. No long waits anymore. I am on a mission to make your happier, as promised.


Choosing your elopement photographer 

Your wedding photographer is the one who should be able to capture all the magic (no pressure), so it’s really important to pick them wisely.

You are looking for someone who’s work resonates with you and your style, who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and with whom you are going to be comfortable throughout the day. Who shoots that special mix of atmosphere catching lifestyle shots and artsy oomph frames to display on your walls. That special someone who cares about you to have the best time of you life. And it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a few awards for they work too.

Who is this special human? It’s me! (So modest)

Good story takes time to develop, and it takes time to tell it.

My elopement photography packages start from 3 hour coverage. I feel this is the very minimum amount of time that needed to capture your story (though the best would be around 5 h).

I don’t want to rush you and make it all only about camera clicks. Enjoy every moment of you carefully planned nuptials. I will do my best to capture all the details, views and prep, the ceremony, the first kiss and the happiness.