Wedding Stationery.

Hand-crafted and painted to order watercolour wedding stationery by Across the Forest creative family duo, based in Sydney.

In our understand every wedding is different and unique, and we love to make your wedding stationery reflect this.

Across the forest is the place where you will find the full service, from creating one-of-a-kind watercolour illustrations and designing your stationery, to printing it all on beautiful luxury paper stock.

We want to contribute to your uniqueness and make something special for you that reflects you and the style of your celebration.

We will make it unique and one of a kind. Something to wow your guests with and keep forever as a memento from your big bay. Raya is the artist who will work on your wedding stationery set. Whether you chose to order a customisable collection, or a custom suite. So, expect personal interaction throughout the process, from getting a quote to receiving your stunning cards in print. However, please keep in mind that she can take only a limited orders per month. Don’t hesitated to start planning early and in touch for availability.

Why we are the right fit for you

Being a wedding photographer wife, I know that for you wedding planning doesn’t start with invitations really, but for your guests it does. Your custom stationery will set the mood of the celebration, wether it a black tie type of event or a festive celebration on your parents backyard. With you we can create something special that embodies you two as a couple. So, believe me, your guest will be blown away by it!

All artwork is handprinted by me and then printed at our studio to ensure that the result is perfect. It’s me again who communicates with you from the very first email and lovingly packing your wedding cards when they are ready. Please note, it takes time to create a bespoke stationery set . I want to ensure that my grooms and brides from all over the world have the best experience working with me. Consicvantly, I am taking on a limited amount of orders each months.

I recommend to start working on your custom invitations at lest 4 month before the wedding. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to check availability and prices.

My husband and I also do wedding photography, and if you haven’t booked your photographer yet please check our work on Isn’t great to have a one stop shop for both: amazing natural photography and one-of-a-kind wedding stationery! If you love what we do and want to order both our services you will receive a 20% off on your wedding stationery order.