How to create your group photos list

It’s a very rear occasion when all the people you love got together to celebrate one of the happiest day of your lives. Most of your guests would love to have a picture taken with the bride and groom to keep it as a memento from this wonderful day. So, it would be handy to have a group photos list to make the time taking pictures with everyone.

wedding party at a forest

A few recommendations

We recommend to do group shots right after the ceremony, while everyone is there.

We will chose a place that will fit everyone, and will ask your celebrant to guide everyone there for a big group shot. However, we will ask you beforehand if it’s something that you want to do or if you rather skip it all together.

By this time, as your wedding photographers, we got to know you a bit better, but unfortunately, we don’t know all your loved once. It would be handy to have someone to help us out with your wedding group photo list. The best person for it is the one who knows the majority of your friends and family in person: your best man or maid of honour, for instance.

It could be big groups 10-20 people, or small once 3-6 persons plus you two as the centrepiece of the photo.

If you having trouble to collect in memory everyone who you want to take a portrait with it would be better to write an actual list.

First, start with immediate family: parents, siblings and grandparents: then go with extended family members, friends and colleagues.

It usually don’t take much time to do group shoots. We recommend to set at list 30 minute for it in your wedding timeline. You will probably would want to chat with people in between of the shots and they would want to congratulate you on becoming a married couple.