How to prepare for your Pre-Wedding shoot 


We created this guide to help you get ready for your pre-wedding photo session.

You probably already know that the main goal here is to get to know each other better.

The other advantage is that these photos are ideal to use on a save-the-date card, accompanying your wedding announcement on social media, or to illustrate your wedding website.

Couple, holding hands, walking in a cork forest

You don’t have to worry about poses, knowing your ‘better side’ or bringing spare clothing. We will keep it simple and enjoyable and will guide you through the process on the shoot. All you have to do is turn up.

Introduce us to your environment

We always advise you to chose a place that means something to you two, or where you love to spend time together. We can start at your home, to capture the way you live at this moment in time as an about-to-be-married couple. From there, we can go to your local park or a cafe to catch the last warm sunlight of the day.

Another good option is to try something different from your wedding location. For example, if you are planning to have an outdoor beach-style wedding, lets go explore the city for your pre-wedding session. This way, you will have diversity in your pre-wedding and wedding sessions.

Also, if you have an access to a unique location (a hidden waterfall, a rooftop in Newtown, a secret garden in Northern beaches or an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria) it would be great to go there to explore the site and create something truly unique together.

Trial for your hair and make up artist

If you booked your hair and make up artist(s), the pre-wedding photo session is the best time to do a trial! We can choose a date for the shoot that works for you and your hair/make up artist. You will see if this person is the right fit for you and how their work looks in photographs.

If you haven’t chosen your hair and make up professional yet, we have a list of vendors on our website that we recommend having a look at.

Make the best of the sunlight

The golden hour about 1 1/2 hours before sunset is the best for natural lifestyle photography. Even if on the day it’s going to be overcast, a few hours before sunset is when the light is usually even and soft.

Feel beautiful

A pre-wedding photo session doesn’t require you to shop for a new outfit. The most important things is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in what you wear.

We advise you to go with smart casual, a bit fancier then your everyday look, but not by much. If you choose to go a bit more formal, make sure that you both follow the same style. Complement each other. Try to avoid head-to-toe black or white clothing. If you are worried about colour, pick a neutral and a few coordinating colour tones you both like and stick to those hues.

Couple smiling and laughing in the forest

We don’t shoot in the same spots every time or have a list of poses. We want to capture your natural selves in the most comfortable way. So, please, don’t put pressure on yourselves and overthink this experience.