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If you are looking for a sign that you destined to elope in Tasmania, this is it!

I am a Sydney Wedding Photographer who’s on a mission to make your life easier (and hopefully happier) by telling you this. It is possible to have it all: to break the rules, to have a damn great time, to save some buck for the honeymoon, to share your celebration with everyone (in a way) and don’t feel guilty doing it all your way. Oh, It’s possible!

Why elope, where to elope (particularly in the Blue Mountains),whom to entrust the planning and styling, how to celebrate as the two of you alone, but still share the joy  with your loved ones back home and how to find your elopement photographer, it is all here in this little guide. Plus a real elopement photo gallery.

Sydney Elopement Photographer

Why Elope

Hobart Elopement Photographer

I find being a Sydney based elopement photographer so special – because every element of an intimate wedding has been chosen with care and intention. Not to please a distant aunt (twice removed), or to follow a tradition that doesn’t have any value for you personally.

Elopements give you the perfect chance to make your wedding celebration totally yours, exactly as you’d like it. Embrace your true selves, whatever that means: your wild side, your quiet and calm side, your weird and wonderful vibes, embrace them all!

You already found the one, and are ready to say your I do’s. Now imagine doing it in one of the best places in the world – Blue Mountains.

Epic scenery, close to the Big Smoke, but yet far enough, star wedding vendors, it is all here, waiting for you.

A little pro tip here. Consider having your elopement on a weekday rather than the weekend. There is a higher chance for your favourite wedding vendor to be free on your date and they even might have special packages for elopements and small weddings. Win + win!

Elopement locations in the Blue Mountains

Oh no, but how can we get everyone there?! It’s not your problem, you are eloping! Of course you can choose to have a tiny crew with you. Many wedding vendors still consider it is an elopement if you have a 6-10 nearest and dearest with you.

Are you an adventurous type, the outdoorsy kinda couple, into bush walks and the likes? I have the best location suggestion for you – Wentworth Falls. Even better, you’ve already found an adventurous elopement photographer in Sydney who’d love to climb a mountain with you and capture all the magic…hello, it’s me! 

After something a bit quirkier with a nice accommodation option The Love Cabins is an award winning eco digs.

After epic views, designer venues and luxury wedding experience? We have a few suggestions for you too.

Seclusions Blue Mountains – an award winning wedding venue & boutique spa cabins, boasting picturesque countryside coupled with a superior hosted experience.

Planning and Styling your Elopement

Hobart Elopement Photographer

You are already saving a good amount of hard earned cash having to buy dinner for a hundred people. So, if you want to allow yourselves to relax and enjoy the elopement planning experience with professional planners and stylists. Alternatively, go low-key and DIY with a lot of details and dive into organising venues and flowers yourselves.

Either way, Sydney doesn’t lack in local talent to help you out. Celebrants: Zoe @marryme.zoe, Victoria @allweneedislove_celebrant. Florists and Stylists: Floral by Nature, My little Peony

They’re spectacular wedding vendors who can help you navigate your wedding planning journey in style. 

Another piece of advice from a profesh .. choose local and seasonal. It’s good for the environment, easier on your wallet and great for your karma.

Let’s have a break from reading and look at some of the amazing shots from Dom and Skinny’s Elopement and what they have to say about the experience.

Continue to read here.

Dom + Skinny

“Anton was great with communication before the wedding, making sure he was completely certain what we wanted from the day. On the day of the elopement, he created such a relaxed and fun atmosphere that my partner and I felt 100 percent comfortable (which doesn’t ever happen once we are put in front of the camera!). We didn’t really take into full consideration how important the vibe from the photographer would be, until we realised that Anton really contributed to making the day so special! 

The photos he took were incredible, and we loved the diversity of shots. From dramatic lighting to capturing those intimate shots that reflected the day perfectly.  We couldn’t have asked for any more, as Anton and his partner, Raya, went above and beyond what we had imagined.  These two have a very unique talent and would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Hobart Elopement Photographer

Share the happiest day of your lives

Hobart Elopement Photographer

The best way to share the love and all the happiness with those who won’t be there is to capture its true beauty in photographs. (It’s a wedding photographer’s website after all, what else would you expect?)

Your family and friends know you and love you just the way you are (oh, Bridget). Many of them might even expect you to elope, rather than have a big wedding. Right.

Remember that distant aunt that we were talking about, who’s rules of wedding planning you refused to obey? She will want to see you happy, smiley, just married faces. Let’s share the joy with her too.

To make this happen I will create a private online photo gallery for you. Share it with whomever you like. If you want you can hide some pics that you would like to be private, for your eyes only kinda thing. But the rest of the happy moments are for your loved ones to enjoy. 

And that’s not even the best part. You will get a sneak peek via said gallery within 48 hours of your celebration. No long waits anymore. I am on a mission to make your happier, as promised.

Choosing your elopement photographer 

Hobart Elopement Photographer

Your wedding photographer is the one who should be able to capture all the magic (no pressure), so it’s really important to pick them wisely.

You are looking for someone who’s work resonates with you and your style, who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and with whom you are going to be comfortable throughout the day. Who shoots that special mix of lifestyle candid shots and artsy oomph frames to display on your walls. That special someone who cares about you to have the best time of your lives. And it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a few awards for their work too.

Who is this special human? It’s me, your Sydney Elopement Photographer! (So modest)

Good story takes time to develop, and it takes time to tell it.

My elopement packages start from 3 hour coverage. I feel this is the very minimum amount of time that’s needed to capture your story (though the best would be around 5 h).

I don’t want to rush you and make it all only about camera clicks. Enjoy every moment of your carefully planned nuptials. I will do my best to capture all the details, views and prep, the ceremony, the first kiss and the happiness.

Feel like we are going to be a great fit? Me too. Tell me more about your wedding plans and let’s make it happen.

Sydney Elopement Photographer