Our magic formula of Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Just like our fingerprints, photography style is unique to each person. It took us many years of experience  to find our perfect mix, our signature photography approach. We call it lifestyle wedding photography, and here is the magic formula that makes it happen!

Our unique lifestyle wedding photography approach

What makes our lifestyle wedding photography so special is the fact that we blend documentary, editorial, and dark and moody styles to deliver a timeless, totally epic gallery that you’ll never get bored of reaching for. We shoot a perfect mix of heartfelt candid and relaxed shots with a hint of oomph, add a dash of editorial (curated) frames, and sprinkle in some moody snaps too. The result is a relaxed, photojournalistic photography style with a quirky edge.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography Sydney

The magical formula to make it happen

When you look at our lifestyle wedding photography portfolio it (we hope) looks great, but, more importantly: does it feel great for you to be photographed? This is actually the main point, to make you feel good and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. This is how we make that happen:

  • Being prepared

Our approach to lifestyle wedding photography starts well before the Big Day itself. In the run-up, we chat with all our couples and help them put together a run-sheet of the day. This includes getting ready, travel times, group shots, time for you to hang with the guests, the best time to do the photoshoot and sneak out for a few sunset snaps.

This means  that when everything is happening, you’ll feel much more at ease – which won’t only affect your lifestyle wedding photography, but your whole enjoyment of the day!

  • Focusing on you having the best time

You worked so hard and planned this day for so long: now it’s your job to relax and soak up every single bit of it, whilst it’s ours to capture all the joy. For the most part, I’ll be shooting in an unobtrusive, documentary style, with little to no interaction. Then, when it’s time for group shots and couples’ portraits, I will be more hands on with the crowd control and directions.

  • Feeling comfortable in front of the camera

Now if you read this and big warning signs immediately flash in your head, don’t fret! You’re not alone – most of our couples say that they are not used to being in front of a camera (which might be hard to believe, once you’ve seen the epic photos we took!) To alleviate any worries, we focus on the experience. When you feel good in the moment, you’ll look at the photos after and remember all the positive emotions you were feeling at the time, instead of any panic!

A bit of direction, suggestions of what to do rather than turning you into a frozen sculpture, a few dad jokes, a sip of bubbly: these are all important components of our formula to make you feel totally comfortable.

  • Location 

Location is also a vital part of lifestyle wedding photography. We often scout wedding photo locations before shooting, so we know exactly where to go on the day and can save precious time for you. Whether it’s a hidden alley or a particular charming part of the forest, we’ll do our best to find it for you!

  • Chasing the light

This is also where the editorial and dark and moody approach both come in more, because natural light is the key. That’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for beautiful, natural rays of light, and utilise it in our lifestyle wedding photography as much as possible! (We do use a flashlight where necessary, which is mostly at the reception)

Having said this, our philosophy is that there is no bad light or weather on a wedding day. As long as you are enjoying yourselves to the fullest then our photos will capture the joy!

Golden hour

1-2 hours before sunset is the best time for photos, no doubt, because it bathes everything in a beautiful golden glow. If possible, try to schedule your photoshoot time as close as possible to the golden hour (you can check the sunset time for your wedding day here, but this is also the kind of thing we can help with on our call, to go back to point 1!)


Sunset is also a beautiful time of day for lifestyle wedding photography. In summer, when sunset might be too late to wait for the full photoshoot then, it’s a good idea to sneak out for 10-15 minutes during the reception for a few stellar snaps.

Blue hour

When the sun has just gone down, there’s a gorgeous change in the light which is definitely worth sticking around for! 


Did you know overcast weather is actually pretty great for natural wedding photographs? Because the light is evenly spread, it’s perfect for any shots. 

Want some magic for your wedding day?

So, there it is: our secret cocktail mix for capturing the magic of your wedding day. As you can see, our approach is to guide you through and capture the day in the most authentic way. We’re there to tell your story as it feels at the time, connecting emotions and memories forever more.

If lifestyle wedding photography sounds like your cup of tea, let’s connect! Send us an enquiry with your date and wedding venue, tell us about your wedding plans and your vision, and we will get back to you with our price guide and availability.