Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Hobart

The same way you probably ended up here, one day Amanda and Woon typed in their browser ‘Couple’s Photo Shoot Hobart” and found our photographs.

Something in our photography style resonated with them so much that they decided to get in touch.

The couple had planned to travel to Tassie for a few weeks and use this opportunity to do a couple’s photo shoot in Hobart or somewhere nearby. Right away, I thought of Bruny Island. Such a gorgeous spot, and with the ferry-only access it does feel like a little adventure.

As a photographer, I appreciate emails with a bit of a personal story, with a mention that the couple had a look through my work, and this is exactly what they are after. It means we will work great together.

A few weeks before the shoot I received a message from Woon. He wanted to make this trip extra special and propose during the photo session. Yes, yes, yes from me, and hopefully one more Yes from Amanda.

On the day Tassie entertained us with all four weather seasons in the 2 hours we had for the session. It even had a little show-off with a magical rainbow in its borderless blue sky. But of course, Woon stole the show with the engagement ring and the classic proposal. Dropping on one knee in front of unsuspected Amanda. He got hers Yes, I got it all on camera!

If you think it’s time for you to do a couples shoot please get in touch, or have a look at another gallery here.

Couples Photo Shoot Hobart