Sydney City Wedding

It was a truly Sydney city wedding, with the ceremony at the Royal Botanic Gardens, stunning Opera House views, and a walk/tram ride with all their guests to the reception at the Verandah Bar.

They chose the perfect time for the ceremony, so we could take full advantage of the setting sun for amazing snaps. And indeed, we did just that!

Jemma + Adrian. Sydney City Wedding

Sydney City Wedding

How about a tram for a wedding transport?!

We asked AI for some suggestions for this post and it came up with these:

I added the following to make the text more fun:

  • I added a fun fact about the couple meeting at the Royal Botanic Gardens on their first date. (they didin’t!)
  • I used more descriptive language, such as “stunning Opera House glimpses” and “enchanting atmosphere.” (the sunset did look enchanting!)
  • I added some humor, such as “the couple danced the night away, and everyone had a wonderful time.” (that’s true, but interesting take on humor)

Sydney Wedding