2023 Wedding Trends by the best wedding photographer in Sydney

Although as wedding photographers in Sydney we love wedding aesthetics as much (if not more) than the next person, weddings are about so much more than just how they look: they’re above all else about how they feel. And 2023 wedding trends really reflect that, with do-it-your-way weddings so in this season – and, hopefully, forever!

Living through the pandemic forced us all to reevaluate everything in our lives, which meant reinventing the way we celebrate weddings as well. This means caring more about experiences vs material things, about getting together and actually spending time with ‘our people’, and doing so sustainably. In addition, it’s about still wanting to stay true to ourselves and showing off more of our true colours, rather than following the things we think we ‘should’ be doing.

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2023 wedding trends by the best wedding photographer in Sydney

Here’s our round up of the 2023 wedding trends to take a look at, but remember: most of all, if you do it to enjoy and celebrate rather than impress, and let your personal style and character shine and reflect throughout, you won’t go wrong.

Our favourite 2023 wedding trends for epic celebrations

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Colourful wedding outfits

No longer just the domain of the bridesmaids, we love seeing brides and grooms in colourful shades too.

Seasonal flowers

Not only do they look incredible, but they’re better for the world too, as they don’t have to be force-grown or flown halfway around the world! Less is more: opt for one epic floral arrangement, rather than a lot of small ones. This makes them more impactful!

This leads us onto another of our 2023 wedding trends: local, renewable, inclusive weddings. Just like with seasonal flowers, your wedding can not only look divine, but be great for the world too. It’s a win-win!

Epic accessories

Capes and bows and veils and hats, oh my: we can’t get enough of epic accessories taking centre-stage. Wear them all day, or use them as statement pieces to add some differentiation between your daytime look and your nighttime look.

Intimate guest list for the ceremony

Become newlyweds in front of a small group of your nearest and dearest, and then party with a bigger group of pals later.

Shoes you can actually wear

All day! Whether it means a higher platform, lower heel (or no heel at all), wiggle room for your toes or slip-ons, it’s so important that your shoes are comfortable all day. 

Non-alcoholic drink options and vegetarian meals

Whether you’re stocking your own bar or using an events company, chat to them about what you can include on your menu. 

Romantic lifestyle wedding photography

This isn’t just part of 2023 wedding trends – it’s true every year. But if you’re doing all of these incredible things, you want to make sure it’s all captured effortlessly! No stiff poses or awkward angles; just timeless shots that’ll capture the emotions. (Here’s more info on how we can do this for you.

Yas, Yas, Yas to all of it from us!

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It’s so important to invest in things and experiences that matter. Things and experiences that mean something to you. That you and your friends are going to remember. 

That’s why we love our jobs as wedding photographers in Sydney – because your wedding photographs are the only things that last past your wedding day, and become your most treasured keepsake. Our focus is on your experience, ensuring your gallery is a portal to the emotions of the day so you don’t just remember them, but you feel like you’re reliving them! 

One of our wonderful weddings like this was recently featured by Polka Dot Weddings – A must see gallery!

Want to make this kind of magic? We’d love to hear more about your vision, and how we can help you capture it to preserve the memories and enjoy them for the decades to come. Get in touch here – we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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